5/12/23 – 5/21/23175th anniversary of the first German National Assembly in Paulskirche

The anniversary festival from 18-21.05.2023

The Design for Democracy movement's tour bus will make another stop during the anniversary celebration in front of St. Paul's Church with participatory activities.

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The aim of the anniversary celebration is to bridge the gap between the local and the global and to commemorate the great significance of the Paulskirche as the meeting place of the Frankfurt National Assembly and thus as the cradle of German democracy, while at the same time highlighting its importance as a monument and conveying the high value of democracy. It also aims to raise public awareness of the defensibility of our democracy and the power of civil society, and finally to create a podium for an engaged debate on the nature and purpose of democracy in the 21st century. "Frankfurt is and remains the historic capital of German democracy. Paulskirche symbolizes the tradition of a democratic and liberal constitution for the German nation like no other place. Paulskirche is thus one of the most important symbols and key sites of our democratic tradition, illustrating how hard-won democratic freedoms are." (Source:

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Democracy Days from 12-17.05.2023

In the run-up to the anniversary celebration, the "Days of Democracy" will take place, which will be organized and implemented by the Paulskirche Network. In planning are, for example, the Global Assembly with activists from all over the world, a Global House of Young Voices (virtual youth parliament with the partner cities of Frankfurt) as well as artistic and playful actions (among others Escape Bubbles for the sensual experience of democracy). With its projects and contributions, the network aims to enliven the democratic process, encourage participation and inspire a sense of democratic responsibility among all citizens.

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