5/3/22 – 5/19/22Students workshops - Shaping the future together

Solon workshops Zukuenfte

Shaping the future together: We believe: The future is made of courage - regardless of the difficulties that lie ahead. That's why the project "Ideas are small futures" is aimed at youths and young adults who want to work on a future worth living with their own energy. Until the summer of 2022, we will develop a common vision of the future for Frankfurt together with more than 300 young people and discuss this vision in a public Townhall Meeting, a podcast series, on YouTube and - for hands-on real - with the help of a specially developed virtual reality app.

Thinking: The first phase of the project consists of nine different workshops. Here, the individual workshop groups will collectively develop visions of the future for a Frankfurt in 2030 that represent the interests and needs of young people in Frankfurt.


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