Tour 2022

Design for Democracy is on the road in Frankfurt RheinMain


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Our goal is to work with citizens, students, scientists, architects and designers to advance design ideas for social, urban and cultural developments and thus strengthen the sustainable design of our region. We would like to use the application year 2022 to start the discourse on "Design for Democracy" on different levels, to focus on citizen participation and to incorporate ideas from young people. For this reason, we will be travelling around the entire region for six weeks starting in September with our red workshop van in order to engage in exchange directly on site in the cities and municipalities.

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The aim of the tour is to make democracy tangible and to show that and how it can be shaped. Because what we definitely don't need for a better life is more things. Always designing new products does not bring us closer together. Instead, we want to show that it is about creating spaces and designing places where different people can meet. We call that atmospheres. Democracy lives not only in parliaments and universities, but also in our everyday life together. The more we meet, exchange and share our lives with each other, the easier it is to form a common picture of a world worth living in. Design must now make it its task to create such atmospheres. The daily student workshops will reach around 1000 young people on site. Democratic co-determination, co-design and self-efficacy cannot be learned and tested early enough if the aim is to become active shapers of one's own life and society.

Opening on 08.09.2022 in Offenbach am Main

18:00 at the Stadthof


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