Let us design how we want to live! Outlook in 2024

Dear fellow travellers and co-creators, dear supporters!

For eight weeks now, our region has officially held the title of World Design Capital Frankfurt RheinMain 2026. The decision by the World Design Organisation (WDO) to award our application "Design for Democracy. Atmospheres for a better life" is a great success for all of us: the success of a movement of very different players who are focusing on the potential for shaping a future worth living and who are prepared to credibly develop new possibilities for designing processes, structures and atmospheres that enable people to approach one another and engage with one another in the here and now.

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Many thanks to everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute.

The task that now needs to be fulfilled in 2024 is to develop the programme from the vision and the successful application. The content, organisational and legal guidelines that are currently being developed will form the basis for the actual programme in 2026 and for the path to get there.

This newsletter aims to provide a brief insight into the ongoing processes and our planning.

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The appropriate personnel and organisational structures will be created for the activation, preparation, realisation and implementation:
We set up the team that will support the organisation until 2026 (and beyond).
We ensure the financing of the WDO fees and the 2024 financial year.
We develop the foundations and understanding of the diverse programme.
We develop the communication strategy for regional, national and international communication.
We formulate and communicate the legal guidelines (such as logo allocation) that the World Design Capital Frankfurt RheinMain 2026 projects must follow in accordance with the agreement from the contract with the WDO.
All of this will form the basis on which we can start next year and work together productively as a region.
How is the programme being developed?
Based on the experience of the eight previous World Design Capitals - including Turin, Helsinki and Cape Town - we can assume the following key data as a basis for planning:
3,000 projects of various sizes - 50,000 participants - 4.5 million visitors to FRM
Building on the VISION on which the application is based and on the results of the first call for project ideas, there are three pillars that together form the programme.
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These are projects that DesignFRM gGmbh conceives, plans and realises specifically for the World Design Capital Frankfurt RheinMain 2026 together with partners. These include, for example, all events that we produce in collaboration with the WDO, from the opening to the closing event.
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Cooperation formats are, for example, projects that are already being planned, which would also take place without the WDC title, but would like to be integrated into the WDC programme, deal with the topic "Design for Democracy. Atmospheres for a better life" and contribute to the content of the programme. DesignFRM gGmbH will cooperate with the respective organisers.
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Participation formats can be the diverse, often participatory projects in the fields of action that have already been submitted by designers, initiatives, institutions, cities and municipalities or can be submitted in the next tendering phase in October 2024. DesignFRM gGmbH supports and communicates these formats.
Appropriate guidelines and a dynamic digital platform for all interested parties and contributors will be created for the submission, coordination and networking of individual projects, where projects and design ideas can be discussed, tested, further developed and communicated on a large and small scale. The first pilot and model projects will start as early as 2024/2025. When will the next phase start? The first official events will take place in April 2024, and April will also be the starting point for the development of the comprehensive programme for 2026.
We will communicate the information on this at the beginning of March 2024. Until then, we will share exciting events and relevant information with you on Instagram and again in February with a newsletter.
We wish you a confident and energetic start to the new year 2024!


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