Participatory dialogue: What is democracy for you?

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Citizen participation process on the House of Democracy


16.30 - 18.00 Workshop in the Ratskeller: Civil society is needed!

Before the participatory dialogue, a workshop with different voices from civil society will take place in the Ratskeller. The workshop is aimed at invited representatives.

From 17.30 Admission to Paulskirche

18.00 Welcome by Mayor Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg

18.10 Flash - Why do we need a House of Democracy?

With the publicist and philosopher Michel Friedman,

the lawyer and co-founder of Pulse of Europe Stephanie Hartung

and the Catholic city dean Johannes Graf zu Eltz.

Interviewed by the Head of the Department for Culture and Science Dr. Ina Hartwig, the Head of the Department for Digitalisation, Citizens' Service, Participation and EU Affairs Eileen O' Sullivan and the Mayor Dr. Nargess Eskandari-Grünberg.

18.40 Democracy in transition - let's build on it!

Short inputs and discussion round on public participation for the House of Democracy

What do you think? Opinion polls and opportunities to participate on site

In action: Democracy stools bring the House of Democracy to life

with Hassan Anouri (musician and producer), Ben Christian (Leipniz Institute Hessian Foundation for Peace and Conflict Research), Peter Cachola Schmal (Expert Commission) Political representatives: Emre Telykar (The Greens), Christian Becker (CDU), Sylvia Kunze (SPD), Dr. Uwe Schulz (FDP), Britta Wollkopf (VOLT), Haluk Yildiz (BFF-BIG), Jumas Medoff (IBF)

19.45 Dynamic towards the end with movement ambassador Kelechi Onyele

19.50 Happy end - invitation to get together with drinks and snacks

Participation station for democracy ribbons and temporary tattoos

Exhibition on the results of participation


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