Summer Camp 2023 "Culturally aware"

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What does "culturally aware" mean?

Cultural work as artistic and creative activity in a community can never be one-dimensional. Culture is diverse, surprising, irritating and present in many ways. In particular, a society that has been shaped for centuries by immigration and exchange processes with other regions of the world is colourful in art and culture.

At present, the diversity of culture is not sufficiently visible. Not all individuals and groups have good opportunities for their own creative expression, cultural consumption and accessibility to cultural treasures. Do people with a migration history or different cultural backgrounds, depending on their class, feel addressed by the usual cultural offerings? Do they feel invited to participate in the creation of cultural offerings and to take up space for them? Or are there obstacles that hinder them? What role does space and its design play in this? What resources do public spaces, empty shops, private places and undiscovered spaces offer?

The point of connection in terms of content

The project "Living Culture. Diversity and Integration Potentials in Rhine-Main and Hesse" will act as a content-related link to the summer camp. The three-year innovative dialogue project as part of the WIR programme of the Hessian Ministry for Social Affairs and Integration (HMSI) is centrally dedicated to the effect of cultural narratives. How are they told, heard and understood in post-migrant society? How does culture migrate and how does it live in a diverse society? The perspective of artists will play just as important a role as the positions of institutional cultural actors. The project focuses on the fields of film, theatre, museums and literature, analyses their role in the participation of all people in an urban society and tests options for action to use existing potentials.

Who would like to apply?

Applications are open to

  • Students in higher semesters
  • Young academics in the doctorate phase
  • Young professionals (maximum three years of professional experience)

Application documents
Please send your application by 31 March 2023 at the latest with a qualified CV and a letter of motivation (with a maximum of 3,000 characters) as a PDF file as well as your contact details to: sommercamp(at)


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