Volkshochschule Frankfurt with focus year "Shaping Democracy

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Understand. Act. Solidarise.

Democracy is everything but self-evident, and it certainly does not come by itself. Democracy has always had to be fought for and maintained.
That is why it is important to understand the context, to act from this understanding in a considered and committed way and, despite all acceptance of individual wishes for change, not to lose sight of the solidarity-based whole: Understand. Act. Solidarity.

These basic concepts form the motto for our events on the thematic focus "Shaping Democracy" in the spring of 2023 and at the celebratory events for the 175th anniversary of the Frankfurt Paulskirchen Constitution
and the associated first German parliament.
In courses, workshops and lectures, we ask what holds us together and what role does democracy play in this? How can we ensure that fears and insecurities do not drive people into extremist attitudes and groups?


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