Wohnzimmer Hauptwache

„Wohnzimmer Hauptwache 2022“

17 ideas selected for the Hauptwache

Awarding authority Andrea Jürges, deputy director of the DAM in Frankfurt, praises the 58 projects submitted: "The wide range reflects the diversity of our international urban society. The selected submissions deal with the character of the Hauptwache. There are ideas that want to explore the Hauptwache through movement or music. Others plan temporary structural modules that invite people to linger or open up new perspectives. Still others want to explore different aspects of the Hauptwache and the city centre," she says.

Among them were, for example, mobile basket facilities to bring streetball and the corresponding atmosphere to the Hauptwache, or an integrative sports course. Also, the "Trinkhalle der Zukunft" (drinking hall of the future): an architecturally appealing kiosk pavilion that will offer art, culture and workshops in addition to drinks. A "WG-Kitchen", a "Gude Stub" or a "Space Station Radar Mobile" were also proposed, along with many other ideas.

From these, the majority of the jury recommended the "Übergangs(t)raum Hauptwache" project submitted by the Blaurot art project group, Moritz Kölling, for realisation:

The walkable stair scaffolding opens up new perspectives on the Hauptwache and new spatial experiences of the central Frankfurter Platz. The sculpture, which is around 90 metres long and 17 metres high, creates a striking, temporary change to the Hauptwache. It spans the stairwell and Café Hauptwache and thus connects the defining features of the square - the square pavement, the Tiefhof B-Ebene and Café Hauptwache. The crossing is planned as a 2.5-metre-wide scaffolding construction.

Head of Sports and Planning Mike Josef takes up the jury's recommendation for the project "Übergangs(t)raum Hauptwache": "From my point of view, the temporary staircase over the Hauptwache is an interesting idea whose implementation should be examined. The project transfers ideas to Frankfurt that have already successfully contributed to the revitalisation of city centres in other cities. Recently in Rotterdam, the Rooftop Walk became a crowd puller with interesting perspectives on the city. The transitional (t)space Hauptwache could be the prelude to opening up more rooftop spaces for citizens in Frankfurt as well."

Wohzimmer Hauptwache

What is "Post-Corona City"?

The city of Frankfurt has been part of the pilot project "Post-Corona City: Ideas and Concepts for Resilient Urban Development" for just under a year. The Federal Ministry of Housing, Urban Development and Building (BMWSB) is funding a total of 17 pilot projects nationwide until 2024 as part of the National Urban Development Policy, which are intended to test innovative and exemplary solutions for crisis-resistant urban and neighbourhood structures in the face of the Covid 19 pandemic. Within the framework of these projects, new possibilities are to be tested to make our cities more crisis-resistant, for example through new meeting spaces in the neighbourhood, climate-adapted open spaces, various pop-up measures or strategic concepts for dealing with crisis situations. Actors from politics, city administration, business and civil society work together in the projects.

And what is Frankfurt doing?

Taking Frankfurt's city centre as an example, various project partners, including the DAM, under the direction of the city planning office, are jointly investigating what role the centre will play for the future of the city and the region, how the guiding inner-city functions of commerce, administration, services, cultural and leisure facilities, and housing will change in the future, and what influence new forms of mobility, necessary climate adaptations, the fairer distribution of public space, and public welfare-oriented urban redevelopment will have on applied planning and other disciplines. With the urban reallaboratory "Living Room Hauptwache 2022", the DAM is taking the next step. Following the jury's decision, coordination with the responsible offices and the submitters will now take place to enable the implementation of the ideas.

It is certain that all submissions will become part of an exhibition to be shown in the "Agency of Urban Change".

As part of the pilot project of the National Urban Development Policy "Post-Corona Inner City", the City of Frankfurt and the German Museum of Architecture (DAM), together with other partners, want to implement projects in late summer that will upgrade the public space and bring new offerings to the inner city. As one of Frankfurt's most central squares, it has to meet a variety of demands. As one of the most central squares in Frankfurt, the Hauptwache has to meet a wide variety of demands and needs. The DAM launched a public call for participation at the beginning of May this year. In the "Open Call for Participation", citizens were invited to submit their ideas for temporary "urban modules" in the categories structural, performative and dialogical.

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