3/25/22 – 3/26/22DDC Convention – Shaping Democracy

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Cracks in the foundations of democracy are becoming visible. Democratic processes and institutions are being questioned, which openly anti-democratic actors are taking advantage of to mobilise a spreading post-democratic resignation and disenchantment with politics among the population.

  • What can designers do to counter this?
  • What role does design play in a democratic society?
  • What influence does design have on participation, democratic processes and the necessary culture of debate?
  • And how can designers actively strengthen and shape democratic politics?

We want to discuss these questions together at the convention of the German Designer Club e.v..

Design for Democracy, the leitmotif of the Frankfurt-Rhine-Main region's application for the title of World Design Capital, will be actively addressed at this convention. The aim of the convention is to develop the basis for a petition of the DDC for democratic design.


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