13.06.22 // Nicole Deitelhoff und Matthias Wagner K sprechen über „Design for Democracy.“

Prof. Dr. Nicole Deitelhoff ist Leiterin des Leibniz-Institut Hessische Stiftung Friedens- und Konfliktforschung. Prof. Matthias Wagner K ist Ausstellungsmacher, Biennaleleiter, Kurator, Autor und seit 2012 Direktor des Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt am Main und leitet die Bewerbung Frankfurt RheinMain. World Design Capital 2026. Hierfür entwickelte er den Claim Design for Democracy. Atmospheres for a better life. Jetzt online auf WWW.DDCAST.DDC.DE #ddcast #ddc #museumangewandtekunst #designfordemocracy #atmospheresforabetterlife

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01.06.2022 // SHARE! The big city project

Sharing and shaping urban theatre spaces. What can we share, what do we want to share, what do we have to share - and how? SHARE!" addresses these questions. The project is a working principle and a place at the same time, a place that enables encounters, where new spaces for thought and creation are created with the help of art, as a counter-design to exclusion and hatred. Under the title "SHARE!" young people of different origins, residents of the Bockenheim district and the ensemble of Schauspiel Frankfurt meet. The venue becomes a place of lively exchange. In the "Depot", things will be built, cooked together, read, performed, discussed, recycled and redistributed. Organiser: Schauspiel Frankfurt

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20.05.22 // Happy 90th Birthday, Dieter Rams!

"A 90th birthday is not a matter of course when we humans are also getting older and older. On this occasion, I would like to once again point out my concern for the design of our thing-worlds. It should be common knowledge that environmental design - and that is product design - requires an attitude. I summed mine up many years ago in three words: "less, but better." We need to embrace fewer but more usable, more useful, more environmentally friendly, more universal and, at the same time, more fascinating things. I believe the latter is the key if we want to change thoughtless consumption into responsible consumption." Dieter Rams, 16.5.2022, Photo from the documentary "Rams" by Gary Hustwit, 2018

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Experiment Druck

Drucken ist das Einprägen einer Idee in Papier. In diesem schönen Satz offenbart sich eine ganze Welt an Möglichkeiten, die sich eine ganze Welt an Möglichkeiten, die sich im Verlauf von Jahrhunderten in den unterschiedlichen Drucktechniken entwickelt hat. Gerade Künster:innen haben die Grenzen der Druckverfahren immer wieder für ihre individuellen Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten ausgereizt und das Experiment an der Stelle technischer Akkuratesse gesetzt.

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Demokratie Wagen

27.05.22 // Pop-Up Gallery: Art & Democracy in Public Space / Join in!

Democracy thrives on a change of perspective and an exchange of (opinions) - two things that are often neglected in everyday life. With our pop-up gallery, we at the association mehr als wählen e.V. want to do just that and creatively confront Frankfurt residents with socially and politically relevant issues. Our "DemokratieWagen", a converted bus that is available to Frankfurt's urban society as a mobile event space, serves as a gallery and exhibition space - what is missing are the works of art.

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19.05.2022 // Design for democracy in 37 languages

In the beginning, there was the idea of addressing our multicultural urban society with all its different languages. And then many committed people supported us in their mother tongues. Based on the AI of the online tools DeepL and GoogleTranslate, 36 helpers checked and polished the output. Special thanks to them. Not all languages are online yet, but we are working on it.

Democracy takes place where people meet. Here you can see when and where.


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