Frankfurt and the RhineMain region will be World Design Capital 2026!

The World Design Organization™ (WDO), the international non-governmental organisation based in Canada, decided on 11 September 2023: With its application "Design for Democracy. Atmospheres for a better life", the Frankfurt RhineMain region will receive the longed-for title of World Design Capital 2026!

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Democracy takes place where people meet. Here you can see when and where.

David Kusuma Unterschrift HCA mit Trägern
© Japan Institute of Design Promotion

10/31/23Frankfurt and the RheinMain region officially receive the title World Design Capital 2026 at the World Design Assembly in Tokyo.

The World Design Assembly™ (WDA) is organized every two years by the World Design Organization (WDO)®. It took place in Tokyo from October 27 to 29, 2023. Under the theme Design Beyond, international participants explored the evolution of design and its intersections with people, society, technology and the environment. As part of the World Design Assembly, the ceremonial presentation of the globally prestigious title World Design Capital® 2026 to Frankfurt and the RheinMain Region took place. The President of the WDO, David Kusuma signed the Host City Agreement, which had already been signed by Prof. Matthias Wagner K and Prof. Roland Lambrette of Design FRM gGmbH (responsible for the implementation of the application and the World Design Capital year 2026).

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9/28/23Mainz glowing – The Late Light Festival

"Mainz glowing - The Late Light Festival" is the new event highlight in Mainz. From 28 to 30 September 2023, Mainz's city centre will shine in a special glow. From the Rheingoldhalle to Schillerplatz, several buildings will be illuminated and artistically staged.

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9/22/23Final of the DDC Competition: WAS IST GUT 2023

How do we design value-creating things? How do we create value-based living environments? How do we design value-appreciating content? This year, WAS IST GUT is again about asking the right questions. Because this is the only way to find innovative answers to the challenges of our time. Groundbreaking design is created by questioning existing conditions. At the end of the day, there is the realisation that good design creates one thing above all: value(s). And this is also the leitmotif of this year's competition. Final jury + evening event: 22.09.23 from 19:00, Netzwerk Seilerei. Awarded in the field of communication: the campaign for the application Frankfurt RheinMain World Design Capital 2026 by Jonas Deuter and team!

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9/25/23Creative Week Frankfurt: Love,Peace & Democracy

Love, Peace & Democracy is the motto of this year's Creative Week Frankfurt and the opening theme for our panel. For five days, creatives from eleven sectors will be playing at four locations with 33 events in Hamburger Allee 45 with current topics: from FRANKFURT WORLD DESIGN CAPITAL to KI, ART and IKEA to Daniel Grunenberg from GLASPERLENSPIEL. Monday, 25.09.23, 19:00: Impulse "Welcome to Democracy" by Prof. Matthias Wagner K. Sign up!

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WDC Shortlist IG 230906

9/13/23Frankfurt and the RhineMain region will be World Design Capital 2026!

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9/12/23Fratopia Festival of Discoveries at the Alte Oper

26-30.09.23 / Open house, free admission, full programme: the upcoming edition of the Fratopia Festival has a few innovations in store. Because we have radically rethought the basic idea of the festival - an invitation to discover and listen to classical music anew. For five days, the Alte Oper is open to everyone, from the afternoon until late in the evening. A top-class programme of short concerts awaits you in the various halls of the house. And with it, the cordial invitation to simply drop by - without a plan and without a ticket, but with an appetite for innovative concert formats and encounters!

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