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12/13/22Making the society! Social sustainability through design

The conference on 13.12.2022 "Shaping Society! Social Sustainability through Design" of the German Design Council focuses on hitherto neglected contexts of social sustainability and spans a wide range of topics such as anti-racism and decolonisation, gender equality and inclusion. - The German Design Council, based in Frankfurt, is a founding member of the international organisation ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design - formed in 1957 and today renamed WDO - World Design Organization.

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11/10/22New round of RegionalGestalten / Darmstadt

What is the RhineMain Region? What makes it special? What belongs to it? What makes it unique? The Werkbundakademie Darmstadt e.V. is inviting designers and artists from the region to capture, process, interpret, reflect and present the region through creative, creative means.

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11/3/22WDO opens the application process for the title World Design Capital

A few days ago, the official application procedure of the World Design Organization (WDO) for the international title World Design Capital 2026 was opened, for which Frankfurt RheinMain is applying. The scope of the application package to be processed was published, for which the region has already prepared intensively.

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11/24/22Impulse at the Frankfurt Foundation Day 2022

Shaping Frankfurt's future! Strengthen participation, take responsibility / What does the future look like - not globally, but locally in our city of Frankfurt, in our metropolitan region? The Frankfurt Foundation Day 2022 will address precisely this question. Frankfurt will be understood as a model, as a place of social impact where questions of the present and the future will be discussed and negotiated in an exemplary manner. / Matthias Wagner K will kick off the Foundation Day with an impulse on Design for Democracy. Atmospheres for a better life.

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11/7/22Be part of the movement! Submit design ideas!

All design ideas flow into the movement. A movement in which we participate in democracy by keeping our eyes open for the problems of our time. In which we shape our life together, disputatiously and creatively. In which we are the designers of our democracy.

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10/21/22Harald Welzer in conversation with Design for Democracy at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Harald Welzer talks to the director of the Museum Angewandte Kunst, Matthias Wagner K, about the book "Too Late for Pessimism" at the Frankfurt Book Fair. This will be followed by a moderated discussion on shaping the future, among others with the crew of the Design for Democracy Tour 2022.

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