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2/24/23Annual reception of the Hessian design industry 2023

Let's make design more democratic and think about what we can get going with or without the World Design Capital participation in 2026? Hessen Design e.V. plans the next meeting space with the AGORA roundtable event during the annual reception of the Hessian design industry. 16 representatives/inside from the creative economy and interested guests exchange themselves from to different perspectives of the topic Design + democracy, and generate again common projects. - On 24.02.2023 in the Designhaus on the Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt

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1/24/23Participatory dialogue: What is democracy for you?

A warm invitation to the participatory dialogue "What is democracy for you? The first stage towards the House of Democracy". The City of Frankfurt started the citizen participation process for the House of Democracy in October with a citizen survey. Many people were asked what democracy is for them, also on the digital web. On Tuesday, 24 January 2023, this question will be discussed publicly with Frankfurt citizens, politicians and representatives of the expert commission in the Paulskirche in Frankfurt am Main.

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1/16/23SOUPS in Offenbach - temporäre, partizipative Kunstaktion

SOUPS ist eine temporäre Installation, eine partizipative Kunstaktion, vor allem aber eine Einladung: zum gemeinsamen Essen, zum Kennenlernen von Menschen, Geschichten und Zubereitungsarten. An 15 Abenden kochen wir im Offenbacher Rathaus-Pavillon Suppe, gemeinsam mit unterschiedlichen (Amateur)köch:innen nach deren persönlichen Rezepten. Wo: Rathaus-Pavillon, Stadthof 16, 63065 Offenbach.

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1/30/23Urban Futures Lab in Wiesbaden

Our future starts today. Right here - on our doorstep. So if you want to know what the future of your city will look like, you should actively help shape it. What kind of city do you want? What should life feel like there? What will it take to make our cities livable in the future? And how is positive change possible? Together with the Coordination Office for Cultural Education and Participation of the Wiesbaden Department of Culture, Solon gGmbH invites you to an Urban Futures Lab on the topic of intercultural opening and inclusion of Wiesbaden's cultural world on Jan. 30, 2023. Civilkammer, Heimathafen im Alten Gericht, Wiesbaden

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1/23/23Volkshochschule Frankfurt with focus year "Shaping Democracy

"Democracy is everything but self-evident, and it certainly does not come by itself. Democracy had to and has to be fought for and maintained again and again." - The Volkshochschule Frankfurt is offering special courses on the topic of "Shaping Democracy!" for the Paulskirchen anniversary year: becoming a juror, finding commitment in a Frankfurt initiative, setting up democracy workshops, shaping decision-making without power struggles, sociocracy as a model for living together, and much more.

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12/13/22Making the society! Social sustainability through design

The conference on 13.12.2022 "Shaping Society! Social Sustainability through Design" of the German Design Council focuses on hitherto neglected contexts of social sustainability and spans a wide range of topics such as anti-racism and decolonisation, gender equality and inclusion. - The German Design Council, based in Frankfurt, is a founding member of the international organisation ICSID - International Council of Societies of Industrial Design - formed in 1957 and today renamed WDO - World Design Organization.

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Democracy takes place where people meet. Here you can see when and where.


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